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Whether you are interested in renting your home or apartment, or in need of a rental, Frank Smith Real Estate has the experience and the know how to help you.  

Renting: To start, we can set you up on Webhunter. There, you can list your requirements to tailor your search, as well as receive listings that fit your particular specifications. We’ll also help you prepare for what happens when you find a rental. For instance, most landlords will require first and last month’s rent, and sometimes a security deposit. They may also have you complete an application which will include references, employment, and living history.  Being prepared and having this information can increase your chances of securing your new home. Please contact us at (508)675-5557 and we can help you get the ball rolling.

Rentals: Looking for a tenant to off-set the mortgage and/or living expenses or simply to expand on your investment?  Frank Smith Real Estate has helped many homeowners do just that. Let us help you prepare the rental, screen prospective tenants, and keep you up to date with information regarding common landlord’s rights, duties and remedies.  Please contact us at (508)675-5557 to start.


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