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8 Ways to Better Sell Your House

by Frank Smith Real Estate

  1. Welcome the Buyer at Entry: Simple touches of a new clean doormat, fresh coat of paint (if needed to front door), polishing door handles, potted flowers on porch , new bright light bulb in porch light, sweeping away those pesky cobwebs and leaves.
  2. Get rid of it: Eliminate the excess that has accumulated, place in storage, have a yard sale or donate. Buyers need to visualize themselves as if they were living there. Please leave some personality so it does not look like generic room as people often purchase into a lifestyle as much as property. Show them the attractive side of your lifestyle but not the excess.

  3. Spare the Odors: If there is a smell, generally the house will not sell.  Don’t just cover them up; fix the source of the smell. Clear drains, air kitchen of old cooking smells, air the basement out, place a dehumidifier in necessary, deodorize the cat litter and scoop litter daily, get rid of furniture embedded with smoke.  Also be careful of room sprays, many have allergies and are weary of cover ups.

  4. Give me space:  Make sure all doors, cabinets and drawers open all the way without bumping into anything or sticking. Clean out entry close.  Move oversized furniture out.  Clean counter tops.  Store away extra appliances, put away dish racks and other clutter including refrigerator magnets.

  5. Fresh lick of color: Giving your walls a touch up with neutral colors will make your home seem lighter and bigger. Never underestimate the power of paint. In addition, pillows, fresh shower curtain, hung clean towels and flowers inject color and vibrancy. Sometimes all it takes to spruce a room is a unique accessory or art.

  6. Show me off:  Nice Hardwood floors under that older carpet?  Old cabinet hardware, doorknobs, towel racks and faucet - exchanging them for polished bronze or nickel can give an entire house an up-to date look.

  7. Fix it, clean it: Make minor repairs as necessary- cut back the bushes, repair that unsightly hole in the hallway, place back the switch plate cover you took off years ago (these are cheap…nice to update all so they match) and while you're at it, put back that kitchen detector (wires are unsightly) and clean everything until it sparkles. Repair the tile grout, wax wooden floors. Sparkle, Sparkle.

  8. Give me light: Simplest of ideas: replace broken bulbs, increase to proper wattage, place lamps in areas that are dark (including the basement); clean windows and pull pack the curtains.  Making the house light and airy makes the rooms feel bigger and more attractive.  

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